Installing monetd


monetd versions follow semantic versioning. As we are still in the 0.x range, different versions might contain undocumented and/or breaking changes. At this stage, the prefered way of installing monetd is building from source, or downloading binaries directly.


Docker images of monetd are available from the mosaicnetworks organisation. Use the latest tag for the latest released version. The advantage of using Docker containers is that they come packaged with all the necessary binary files, including solc, and contain an isolated running environment where monetd is sure to run.

Example: Mount a configuration directory, and run a node from inside a monetd container.

docker run --rm -v ~/.monet:/.monet mosaicnetworks/monetd run


Binary packages of monetd are available from github.

Example: Download monetd and copy it to the local bin directory.

wget -O monetd \

chmod 751 monetd
sudo mv monetd /usr/local/bin/

Please refer to monetd systemd for instructions to setup a systemd service on Linux systems.

Building From Source


The key components of the Monet Toolchain, which powers the MONET Hub, are written in Golang. Hence, the first step is to install Go version 1.9 or above, which is both the programming language and a CLI tool for managing Go code. Go is very opinionated and requires defining a workspace where all Go code resides. The simplest test of a Go installation is:

$ go version

monetd uses Glide to manage dependencies.

$ curl | sh

Solidity Compiler

The Monet Toolchain uses Proof of Authority (PoA) to manage the validator set. This is implemented using a smart-contract written in Solidity, with the corresponding EVM bytecode set in the genesis file. For every newly defined network, the smart-contract needs to be recompiled because it embeds the initial whitelist. Hence, the Solidity compiler (solc) is a requirement to define a new network and produce the appropriate genesis file.

Please refer to the solidity compiler installation instructions.

Attention: The Node.js version of the compiler is not supported. Do not install via npm install solc.

Other requirements

Bash scripts used in this project assume the use of GNU versions of coreutils. Please ensure you have GNU versions of these programs installed:-

example for macOS:

# --with-default-names makes the `sed` and `awk` commands default to gnu sed and gnu awk respectively.
brew install gnu-sed gawk --with-default-names


Clone the repository in the appropriate GOPATH subdirectory:

$ mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
[...]/mosaicnetworks$ git clone

Run the following command to download all dependencies and put them in the vendor folder.

[...]/monetd$ make vendor

Then build and install:

[...]/monetd$ make install